Last year a very special sister of mine was offered a position as a teachers assistant at Sheridan College. The school she had graduated from (with honours, at the top of her class AND was chosen valedictorian out of all the arts programs) less than two years prior. To me, this was BIG. If you know my sister at all, you know that out of modesty she just brushed it off like it was nothing. Nonetheless, I was thrilled for her. This was all happening when I was still living in Montreal… But I decided it was important enough for me to personally delivery a congratulations cake to her šŸ™‚ Shereen is a very talented photographer, to say the least, so I felt it appropriate to make her a Canon camera cake! This was a challenge for me. Firstly, constructing the shape of a camera. Secondly, making black fondant takes forever! On top of it all, this was one of my first fondant cakes I’ve ever made… The cake itself was chocolate and vanilla layers and a vanilla buttercream. I totally let loose with the decoration of this cake. I added all the bottons that a regular Canon camera has. I added a screen on the back with black edible sparkly flakes to make it look shiny. I added glitter on the lens etc. It was so much fun to make and thank goodness, it traveled well too! So I planned a surprise visit home to Toronto from Montreal to personally deliver Shereens Canon camera cake. She was speechless.