Welcome, all dessert lovers!

My name is Nesreen Mroueh, I love baking and decorating!

My first memory of being in a kitchen was when I was about three years old. I remember sitting on the floor of our kitchen in Pickering Ontario, with a huge red mixing bowl on my lap. Before I knew it, I was in and out of the fridge and cupboards, tossing random ingredients in together until I formed some sort of concoction, that I thought was wonderful. Thinking back now, the recipe included ketchup, dried oregano, sugar, all purpose flour and Montreal steak spice. Not the most appetizing thing I’ve made… But it was a start at the age three!

Now I’ve completed a year at George Brown College for Baking Pre-Employment, in Toronto, as well as a year at the Pearson School of Culinary Arts for Pastry Making, in Montreal. I’ve just recently moved back home to Burlington Ontario to pursue my love and passion of making and decorating cakes.

So here I am, a young pastry cook/cake decorator, fresh out of school, trying to make it and bake it, in this extremely competitive field. I’m hoping to prove myself and kick start my own cake business.

Let’s see what happens…